Travis Luedke

 Due to graphic content these books are not intended for an audience under the age of 18. If you are under 18 please be aware that the content within these reviews is not for your viewing. Thank You

Michelle is certainly used to her life now. No feelings, equals no complications. Of course that all ends when Aaron comes in the picture; she had to save his life but now she is back to the same nightmares of having a male vampire ego around. The upside…she is the master now!

Aaron couldn’t get a girl to save his life and the only one he had thoroughly enjoyed screwing around with him. Leaving work on a normal everyday night turns out to be a life changing event and now he is face to face with one sexy, determined, slightly insane vampire. Hot lessons on how to be a good vampire follow soon after accompanied by women’s inability to say no. It is the best 360 in his life.

The characters played rather well against each other in this book. The “naughty” scenes are amazing and having those written at the hand of a male, definitely got my attention. I think the writing in particular could have been a bit better but the overall story and character development was amazing! 

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 Here we have Michelle and Aaron again, taking on the ever addictive nightlife that is Las Vegas. One small catch, Aaron breaks the rules and made a new friend for him and Michelle. 

I will say that the first half of the book was reminiscent of The Nightlife New York as far as the writing goes but towards the middle it seems to smooth out. I was also not as fond of the never ending sex within the first half, although with Las Vegas and vampire, how can you avoid it? :) 

Despite the few catches this book was a step up from the first in my opinion and praise to the author for only getting better!

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Hope is sold by her father at an early age into prostitution in her native home of Columbia where she is trafficked to New York.  Without the proper papers to work she is used as a sex slave to her bosses. That is until one day she is sent to a female client who just so happens to be a vampire. Her world then changes forever. ..

Lia is just looking for a good time. She likes to try and bite then make forget.  She tries all this on Hope with a few bites here and there, which drive her wild. Until one day she tries to hypnotize her into forgetting these few things. But after realizing what she really is, needs to get rid of Hope to keep her secret.
Enrique is a suave business man, who just happens to also be a vampire and Lia’s master. And he often cleans up after her. But with Hope he brings her into their world of lies, secrets, and blood.

Blood Slave is somewhat chilling at times. This is a book that is not for the faint of heart, with the descriptions of violence and hard-core sexual activities. Some of which are not consensual. Others are very consensual and even fairly kinky.  Over all this was a very good book and I recommend it if you are looking for something slightly different. 

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