Tammara Webber

didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)


Jacqueline in my opinion has got to be one strong woman not to break down and fall apart after what happens to her, not to mention giving love another chance. Tammara introduces us to a female that exudes strength but also has her vulnerability and plays both extremely well. Thumbs up Tammara!

Lucas, aka my book husband :), is everything all in one package. He has a past, like everyone else, but he chooses to do what most do not, that is overcome it. He let it shape him into the man he is, add in some super hot tattoos, a lip ring, shaggy hair, and boots......*sigh* Yes I'm still melting over here. Oh and did I mention his super awesome IQ.....and glasses. Thank you Tammara Webber for giving me this man who embodies everything I want in a man. :)

So to kick things off I'm going to start by letting you know, I have no intention of spoiling the book, as hard as that may be, I refuse!!!

The book starts off with an act that is just appalling. Most of you might actually go OMG no not that kind of book...but wait keep reading because it gets so much better. Five stars does not even come close to what this book deserves and you will probably hear that a lot. So after this it is on to overcoming heartbreak, unspeakable wrongs, and finding courage to not only give love another chance but convince the other person to do the same. Which, not to be corny, comes surprisingly easy for both characters. 

I would recommend this book to YA readers as well as adults. It truly is an amazing book that not only has a wonderful love to be found but strength and empowerment as well. READ IT!!!!!!!!!

Review by Dani

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