Lindsay Delagair

3 Stars

    Micha was an interesting character to say the least. I won’t throw out any spoilers but I do believe he needs to see a doctor, a mental doctor. Nothing about him came across as troubled but with a big heart. Instead he comes across as mentally disturbed. By the end of the book I wasn’t really sure what you would call the relationship between Micha and Annalisa.

    Annalisa was not a character I overwhelmingly enjoyed. I can’t help but compare her to the cookie cutter girl that seems to plague most books these days. While her character seemed to have a set of brass ones she inevitably cried a lot and was for me a bit snobbish. I think in the end I wound up liking Micha’s character so much more.

    Alright, so despite the overwhelming differences in characters and some personal issues with their portrayal, the book was actually quite enjoyable. It wasn’t a slow read but rather a steady pace for me and there was no loss if interest with plot. In truth the characters attitudes were the only thing that bothered me in this book and that was only in certain moments. I would read it again.

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